China Wechat Pay frozen problems ? !Here’s how to fix it.

•Thousands of foreigners have woken up today to find that their Wechat pay will not allow them to accept transfers or Red Packets.

•Affected users have been asked to further verify their ID by adding additional bank cards, luckily we have found a solution that seems to fix the problem.

The major issue for most is that their bank name as registered with WeChat does not match their bank name as registered with their bank. And you cannot simply reset your bank name as registered with WeChat.

However, the good news is that, for many (but not all) there seems to be a fairly simple solution to the issue, by following the following eight steps.

WARNING: If you cannot do Step 1 – withdraw WeChat wallet balance to zero – do not cancel WeChat Pay, or you’ll lose all the money in your WeChat wallet.

Here are the steps:

  • Withdraw WeChat wallet balance to zero (or as close to zero as you can)
  • Cancel all auto payments
  • Delete all linked bank cards
  • Cancel WeChat Pay in ‘Payment Management’
  • Add WeChat Pay again
  • Verify ID
  • Add bank card*
  • You should then receive a text message code for verification, and then all will be well in the WeChat world once more.

*Your phone number and the spelling and order of your name must match exactly (including spacing) with your bank to link cards.

Please also note, the process of cancelling WeChat Pay and adding it again will wipe what money is left in your WeChat wallet and delete your entire transaction history.

Now, as for those who cannot withdraw their WeChat wallet to zero, they need to find a way to link to a bank card and account that matches their pre-existing bank name as registered with WeChat. 

So try digging out the old card you originally registered to WeChat with? (Nightmare, we know).

For those who cannot find that card / that card has expired / that bank account is now closed, the two banks we visited this morning both suggested opening a new bank account with the name (and passport number) that matches the pre-existing bank name as registered with WeChat. (Double nightmare, we know).

For those that are unable to do that… we have no solution as of yet. However, we find ourselves in that exact situation ourselves, so will be spending our days searching for the solution, and if we find it, then you, dear readers, will be the first to know.

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